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Work out for free in Copenhagen: Top list 2023

Welcome to a healthy city with plenty of free exercise opportunities

Keep up your workout with these recommendations

Copenhagen offers several nice places for a healty life style. So let’s do a combo, explore the city and and in the same time enjoy really exiting places for your daily work out. All are free to use. Read on.

Konditaget Lüders

First out is the impressive Konditaget Lüders. Just this very special location, on the top of a futuristic building, will impress you. Here you train for free, and in the same time enjoy the fantastic view towards the sea. In fact, on a clear day you can see all the way over to Sweden.
However just to get to the roof will for some people be a full work out. Yes, very long stairs await you and that is your first challenge. So don’t be surprised if some fit dudes pass you running all the way to the top!
Get some more info about Nordhavn here.
Helsinkigade 30

Impressive Konditaget Ludens at Nordhavn

Aktivitetstaget Bella

Another great roof adapted for physical activity. Do some exercises, play ball games and walk on a tight rope. When you have finished training, you can leave the roof through a long slide. The building belongs to the exhibition center Bella Center.
Emma Gads Vej 10

A brand new facility for a great work out awaits you

Amager Strandpark

In the south along the coast you find this relaxed place. Optimal for running and walking you will also find equipment for some physical training. Also great for a picnic. More info here.
Promenaden 1

A training station protected from too much sun and bad weather

Work out by The lakes

A Sunday morning you can join the healthy folks exercising around the lakes. Make sure to wear some good shoes because this is a fairly extensive area.
At Fredens bro you can stop at the Outdoor Workout Cage by the Lakes. Enjoy the equipment and add some muscles.
These three lakes date from the time when foreign powers tried to invade the city. By the way, you should not swim here.
Peblinge Dossering 6

Equipment just close to the Fredens Bro

Kalvebod Bølge

In the city down at the canal Danes and visitors come for training. Some simple but clever equipment awaits you. You will see groups of people exercising together and others just walk by to breath the fresh air from the sea.
Kalvebod Brygge

Clever pure steel equipment for training

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