Stay in Copenhagen 2024 without blowing the budget

Still a bed for the night in 2024 is relatively cheap in this otherwise expensive city

Find a bed for the night at the right price

Copenhagen can be quite expensive. And that includes accommodation too. However, it is possible to find some great places, centrally located, that offer you a top stay for quite small money. In fact, I’ve tried them all (except CPH Down Town) and these are my top picks among hostels.
Are you traveling on a nonexistent budget? Then there are in fact free alternatives.

(The photo with the intensively red hotel sign was taken over at Ibsen’s hotel on Vendersgade.)

Next House

A very modern hostel with a nice rooftop kitchen and bar. Really, the best value for your money is a bed in a dorm. So what else does Next House offer? well, Two bars and a restaurant, a gym, a cinema and a complete football arena. And the location is great too. Wellknown places like Hovedbangården, Glyptoteket and Tivoli is just a few minutes walk away.
Fun fact: During the work on the building it was called the brass house. This because of the brass-clad facade,
Bernstorffsgade 27

Next House
Shiny Next House in the evening sun

Steel House

Same concept as Next House. But It is located on Vesterbro which is the hot area in copenhagen right now. So to stay in a dorm will be the cheapest way to get a bed. In fact, Steel House is a very modern hostel and hotel. Here you also find a kitchen, gym and pool. Moreover, a few times a week you can even enjoy live music. Prices from 145 Dkr for a really good bed. Usually more expensive on weekends. This place allows you to stay for longer periods. Thumbs up!
Herholdtsgade 6

Steel House
Excellent premises to socialise

Danhostel Copenhagen City

This is the former Hotel Europa built back in 1955. It was once called Denmark’s first skyscraper, and built with the help of money from the Marshall Aid.
Undoubtedly, the location along HC Andersens boulevard is superb and just close to the beautiful canal, and Tivoli is only a few minutes walk away. Indeed try to get a room higher up in the building, you will be greeted by a fantastic view of Copenhagen. Furthermore you can always get a bed in a simple dorm for a good price.
This was once a favorite hostel but now I prefer other places to stay. Some of the people who manage the reception do not immediately impress…
H. C. Andersens Blvd. 50

At danhostel, smart elevators make sure you get to the right floor

A&O Hostels Sydhavn

South of Copenhagen city you will find this larger hostel. Especially Its location quite near Bella Center makes it a great place to stay if you are going to visit any fair. Unfortunately it’s not that close to the city center so bus or local train is what applies if you don’t like to walk for about 45 minutes.
More info about Sydhavn here.
Sydhavns Plads 4

A&O Hostels Sydhavn
A&O is a modern hostel with most amenities

Nyhavn 63 (Formerly Bedwood)

Just close to the canal in Nyhavn you find this picturesque place. So for sure this has to be the absolute best location in all of copenhagen, no competition. Having said that I did not really appreciate my stay here last time. Then the place was called Bedwood, but things change and now it looks like they offer a more attractive stay.
Nyhavn 63

Nyhavn 63
Nyhavn 63 in Christmas time

Copenhagen Down Town Hostel

I’ve never stayed here myself but friends who have say the bar area takes up most of the space. So if you work a lot with our laptop another place might be a better deal.
I will of course stay here some night in the near future and leave my personal experience of the place.
Vandkunsten 5

Down Town Hostel
A nice long bench outside perfect for relaxing

Meininger Urban House

With a central location just behind the main train station, this is a convenient option. This hostel is located in the former red light district, which is now a hip area and the popular meat packing district is only a few minutes’ walk away.
Here at urban house, it is a simpler style and not as polished and modern as, for example, Steel House in Vesterbro. The price picture is usually slightly higher here, so compare carefully online.
Colbjørnsensgade 5-11

Urban House
Not the most modern rooms but really well maintained

Bellahøj Camping

So if you’re traveling on a really tight budget and still want an OK place to rest? Then camping is a sensible option. At Bellahøj Camping you get a night for under DKK 90 if you bring your own tent. And for being Copenhagen, it can’t be cheaper. The location is good and there are constant buses to the center. Hot showers and a simple kitchen make life quite comfortable. But quite honestly, this is not a place to stay too long.
The campsite is open from the end of May to the end of August.
Hvidkildevej 66

Bellahøj Camping
Early morning at the Bellahøj campsite

Charlottenlund Fort Camping

Charlottenlund Fort Camping is another campsite with a central location and right next to the sea. It is located in an old fortress and you literally live among the cannons! However, it costs more to stay here. And remember to book in advance because this campsite is very popular.
Strandvejen 144

Charlottenlund Fort Camping
The sandy beach is really close here

Copenhagen Camping, Dragør

Just south of Copenhagen Airport you will find the very picturesque village of Dragør. There is also a quite huge campsite here that offers comfortable accommodation. If you have a bicycle, you can quite easy reach Copenhagen city by, among other things, cycling under the airport! Bus (just outside the campsite) is also an option to get into the town. Website.

Camp for free in Copenhagen

So what if your budget doesn’t allow you to spend any money at all on accommodation? Yes, there are solutions to that too. Because in Copenhagen there are a few places where you can actually camp for free. And often there is a fireplace and water available.
And the rules are simple. You can stay a maximum of one night in the same place, the tent must not be bigger than for three people and at most two tents can be next to each other on the same campsite.
Here is the link to the webpage with the map of campsites. Its all in Danish but just scroll down to the map and locate Copenhagen.

Shelter Fasanskogen, Amager

Other free possibilities

Websites such as and are based on users offering their own homes as overnight accommodation. But usually it’s also about socializing, so most people who offer overnight accommodation expect you to share experiences, stories from life, etc. These services also have different ways to verify users and to have been a user for a while and built up a good reputation facilitates opportunities.

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