Not so well known facts of the month: When the Aeroflot plane plunged into the canal

Bad weather and low altitude became a deadly combination in 1957

An early morning, an Aeroflot plane, The IL-14, is on its way to Copenhagen. But before landing, the visibility is poor, almost miserable. So the pilot decides to descend at low altitude to make visual contact before landing. But the mighty Ørsted Power Station, a local power plant with substantial chimneys stands in the way and the disaster is a fact. The plane hits and crashes into the adjacent canal at Enghave Brygge. There are 28 people on board and no one survives.
Enghave Brygge

Ørsted Power Station
Ørsted Power Station as it looks today

If you take a trip out to Ørsted Power Station, don’t miss visiting Diesel House, which is in the same area. Entry is free and you can see the once world’s largest diesel engines in operation! However, keep in mind that opening hours are limited, so check their website in advance.

Enghave Brygge
The approximate location of the Aeroflot impact

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