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Sydhavn, Copenhagen’s Venice

Coming here and seeing all the water between the buildings gives Venice vibes

A visit to Copenhagen’s new residential area

Building after building with fantastic locations. It describes well the feeling that occurs during a walk here. And the tangible presence of water creates a powerful feeling. So take the yellow river boat from the city, its final destination in modern Sydhavn is a good start to the day. Additionally, remember to wear some good shoes because you walk a lot here.

Arriving by boat is the right way to experience Sydhavn

Certainly there are similarities with Venice, but here the modern house applies and brick is the prevailing cladding almost everywhere. Furthermore all the water also attracts some houseboats, but there are still relatively few of them. This is not Copenhagen’s most expensive area but not among the cheaper ones either.

Here there is absolute proximity to water and sea

Having your berth right outside your home can seem like a luxury. And just such luxury is available here. The water connects the city with Sydhavn and you can reach many important places with your own boat. Most of the things are really modern here, but just over the other side of the channel is a totally different world: Nokken.

Moor your boat and you’re home

The absence of any major traffic is calming and the bicycle is the best means of transport. And yes, a boat is also quite right here too.

Social spaces along the water

In Sydhavn everything is neat, clean, functional and the architecture is well balanced and creates comfort. So this is how Copenhageners live today and without any apparent fear of sea level rise.
If you want to spend the night in Sydhavn, there is a quite big hostel here. In fact, one of my favorite excursion destinations is also here in sydhavn, DieselHouse, with one of the world’s largest diesel engines. And the entry is free of course.

Stair-like ledges down to the water create natural places to rest
Yes, this is also how it looks in Copenhagen these days

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