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Strædet: Strøgets lesser known cousin

Leave Strøget for a while and experience a quieter pedestrian street

The not so well known pedestrian street

Strædet is Strøgets lesser known cousin. Here, the shops are smaller and more personal. Moreover, it is not so crowded with people. There are also more galleries, antique shops, restaurants and coffeehouses here.
The street stretches from Regnbuepladsen (next to the City Hall) to Højbro Plads.
In fact, the official street names are Læderstræde, Kompagnistræde and Farvergade. Just Farvergade had an infamous reputation for prostitution until this activity was prohibited in the street in 1884.
This street is also close to many interesting sights.

Straedet in the direction of Rådhuspladsen

Along Strædet there are plenty of exciting shops. One of them is Unika. Here they offer unique danish design, clothing, jewellery, glass and ceramics. Accordingly all made by danish artisans. Well worth a visit.

No middlemen when shopping for high-quality crafts here

Most of Læderstræde was completely destroyed in the Copenhagen fire of 1795 but rebuilt over the next few years. You can learn more about this event here. A few of the buildings on Kompagnistræde predate the fire. The half-timbered building at no. 23 was built in 1734.

One of the few buildings along Strædet that survived the fire 1795

At Strædet you also find this great cake shop, Bertels Salon. In fact, they really make fantastic cheese cakes here. Also the range is great and there are options for everyone’s taste. However, the street offers far more places where we are hungry just for fun!

The best cheese cakes in the city they say themselves and that might be true

Almost in front of the City Hall you will find Tutein & Koch who offers an extensive range of traditional artist supplies and drawing materials. So for those who can let go of the computer, there is creative material that takes you far beyond the digital world.
Farvergade 8

A watering hole for those who like traditional artist materials

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