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Photo locations 2023: Your guide to fame

In this picturesque town, the right photo subject is never far away

An excellent image can be completely free and last forever

If you do a quick stop over in Copenhagen you can´t spend your valuable time hunting locations for your photo shots. So here we present a few great places for you, complete with addresses. Cheese!
(FYI, I photographed the picture with the tree in the backlight at Islands Brygge.)

Fredriksholms canal

This classic view has been seen in advertising and other contexts. It´s just so very Danish with all the red and white. Stand outside on the bridge and you will quickly see the beauty.
Fredriksholms Canal/Bryghusbroen

Lots of red and white make this motif extra Danish


Older crooked houses in different colors. This is a centrally located street so it’s quick and easy to get here. Because there aren’t that many shops right here, you can take nice pictures on a deserted street. You probably have to walk around a bit to find the best angles.

A classic street known for it´s beauty

The elephants at Carlsberg

Probably the most famous motif in Copenhagen after the little Mermaid and Nyhavn. These huge, massive elephants in pure granite does fantastically well in picture. And if you walk around in this area, there is much else to photograph, such as Carlsberg’s lighthouse.
Ny Carlsberg Vej

Free your fantasy and make some creative photos


Want more elephants? Head over to Otto Mønsteds Plads and you’ll find two more that look great in a photo. The elephants here symbolize the important workforce they constituted in the production of oil for the margarine factory.
the house was designed by the Danish architect Osvald Viggo Rosendahl Langballe.
Otto Mønsteds Plads

Impressive entrance with elephants in granite


Multicolored houses right in front of the canal. In this area you will easily find several good positions to take some really great photos.
Christianshavns Canal

In summer the trees will cover part of the houses


Colorful houses along the canal. A classic and well-known motif when it comes to Copenhagen. A good place to take photos is the bridge (Nyhavnsbroen). Then you avoid other disturbing elements that can affect your image creation. This is a very popular area so it is not impossible that you will have to wait a while for a good position.

You won’t be alone here taking pictures


Right next to the Strøget is this colorful square. Many visitors fail to find it even though it´s so beautiful and centrally located. And yes, it can be a bit tricky to find your way here, but with a good map it is quickly sorted.
This is my own favorite square in Copenhagen, both for a cold beer and photography.

The not so secret square

The canal

The canal that divides Copenhagen provides an excellent location for exciting photos. I try to be there in the morning and late afternoon.

Excellent opportunities to work with contrasts

The stairwell at Axelborg

Axelborg offers an impressive stairwell. And many photo enthusiasts have been here and photographed it from all angles. Yes, you can certainly find a completely new way of looking at it. Just walk through the main gate and look up!
True or not, I saw some information that Runde Torn would fit here.
Oh, you will also find the unique Pater Noster lift here.
Vesterbrogade 4

An impressive space with beautiful light

Axel Towers

Another exciting motif. And this time it’s Axel Towers opposite the main entrance to Tivoli. Here you capture Danish architecture and are guaranteed to get an interesting result.

The highest part of the building is 61 meters

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