Specialty shops not to miss when in Copenhagen

When the standard range is far from sufficient

Sometimes you want to be able to choose between just everything

When you really want to specialize in a certain kind of product, you need the specialty shops. And Copenhagen has plenty of these to offer. Here you get some favorites to start with.

A.C. Perch tea shop

A famous tea shop. So famous that the Queen buy her tea right here. And to make it even better Perch offer a special Queen mix for all to try. The shop has been around since 1835 and is an institution for tea lovers in Copenhagen. Here you can also enjoy a great cup of tea in the tea room. Occasionally there may be a queue to enter.
Kronprinsensgade 5

Perch getting ready for another busy day


A crazy huge assortment of only hooks. get inspiration for your own hook projects or buy some new ones. It’s impressive to see so many different variants, all for the same simple use. And yes, knager is the Danish word for wall hook.
Store Kongensgade 103

find the right hook just for you

The Danish Pipe Shop

Everything smoking pipes and accessories. This shop offers a huge assortment of everything related to tobacco. If you’re a smoker already or you plan to start (god forbid!) you can get all the equipment you need here. Check out their website.
Vester Voldgade 92

Even non-smokers can enjoy this cool shop

Antique Toys

If you’re into antique toys you should definitively visit this shop. Here you will find a great assortment that will please you. Yes indeed a real feast for collectors. Antique Toys is not far from Nyhavn, and located in a building from the 17th century.
Store Strandstræde 20

Antique toys shop in an antique house

Bering Flowers

An Incredible flower shop with wonderful decorations of highest possible quality. This is really something for the eye. You will find their shop just a minute’s walk from the Round Tower. Check out their webshop for more inspiration.
Landemærket 12

Inspire yourself at Berings


The oldest comic book store in the world. Here you will find a large assortment to choose from, and also everything board games. Celebrities who have visited the store include Stan Lee and Carl Barks.
Sankt Peders Stræde 18

Fantask was closed the day I took this picture

Lurgan Vintage

Fantastic second-hand lamp shop with a range spanning decades. Here you can find the long-awaited light source that has been impossible to get hold of.
Ingerslevgade 106

Lurgan is just a two minute walk from the meat district

The Undergrunden shop

Here you will find everything in graffiti and markers. The shelves are filled with spray bottles of all kinds. Impressive assortment for the serious street artist.
Kattesundet 12

A totally different hobby shop

Honning (The shop is now permanently closed)

A shop full of everything to do with honey. Yes, you will be impressed by things you may not have had a clue about regarding this yellow gold. By the way, you can learn more about cool Jægersborggade here.
Jægersborggade 49

In this yellow shop you can certainly talk about honey for hours


Here you can visit an old-fashioned hat shop that has been preserved for a hundred years and more. Enjoy hat fashion that has both gone out of fashion and returned several times. The shop opened on April 23, 1857 and since then, almost nothing has changed.
Købmagergade 5

A distinguished specialty shop for all things hats

Skak for sjov

So you’re one of those people who likes to spend a few hours on a good game of chess? If so, this is the store for you. Here, there is a unique selection of everything that concerns only chess.
Falkoner Alle 36

Even if you are completely uninterested in chess, this is a unique shop

Kjær & Sommerfeldt

A classic wine merchant in an exquisitely fine setting. In fact, the interior hasn’t changed much since they moved in 1928! Why not visit their wine bar and maybe participate in wine tastings.
Gammel Mønt 4

From the beginning the premises were intended to be a telegraph


An absolutely wonderful bicycle shop where most things are genuine and hand-made. Yes, they manufacture the bikes themselves as well. And they have also created a very elegant bicycle with a wooden frame.
Sankt Peders Stræde 30A

No, you are not allowed to park your bike in front of the shop windows!

Danish Art & Christmas shop

Have you dreamed of being able to decorate for Christmas just like it is done in Scandinavia? Then there is this fantastic store with a solid assortment of everything related to Christmas. Despite the somewhat anonymous facade, the inside holds so much more.
Knabrostræde 3 

This shop is located only a stone’s throw from Strøget

Pods of Beans

Are you curious about cocoa and want to know more? Then this is exactly the right place to visit. Because here is pure heaven when it comes to this amazing bean.
And as the owners say themselves: the store produces chocolate that you can eat with a clear conscience.
Ny Kongensgade 14

You can hardly imagine what you can do with cocoa


A very serious store for all things retro gaming. Here you will find most things from the 80s up to the latest game consoles. The store is located in a rather anonymous basement and is well worth a visit if you like the gaming culture.
Ydunsgade 4-6

Don’t let the exterior put you off

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