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Escape Copenhagen: South Portugal off season

Endless summer on a tight budget

Of course, it’s easy to long for an eternal summer when autumn hits with full force. In fact, most people are preparing for a rather dark and cold time and see it as something inevitable.
But of course there are some solutions if you want to enjoy the sun for maybe just a short time and throw yourself into the surf! Here I tell you how you can have a really nice summer for little money. Read and learn!
From Scandinavia it is possible to get a plane ticket for just a limited amount of euros. And if you can be flexible with dates, it will be even better.
When it comes to southern Portugal, Faro is the obvious destination. From here you can easily reach the entire region by train and local buses. Remember, the cheapest plane tickets make you arrive late at night. But you can easily arrange an overnight stay at a hostel near the airport. Last time I paid 8 euros for a good bed! I usually travel on from Faro to Lagos and Sagres.
The local train now costs 7.50 euros to Lagos. Local bus from Lagos to Sagres costs significantly less.
Out here on the western part, there are basically always waves to be challenged by. This is really Portugal off season!

At Arrifana Beach the waves whip up a refreshing fog

So where should you stay that isn’t too expensive? There are plenty of hostels to choose from. But I myself have a simple tent with me and live for a few euros per night. Sure it’s not super comfortable but I spend as little time as I can in the tent.

It can be perceived as a prison but is actually a very central location that will fit any budget

Some larger grocery stores such as Lidl, Inter Marche and Pingo Doce become my source of food. But of course you can treat yourself to restaurant food as the prices are reasonably humane.

Portugal off season offers you sun and waves

As for surfing, it is easier in winter. Then you can usually stay in Lagos, rent equipment and walk to good beaches. In the summer, it is the west coast that applies (Sagres is a good start) and then you may have to go along on trips to the best beach for the day. And then it costs a few euros, of course.
Buying a used board is an option. You can hopefully sell it for the same price when you leave. As for wetsuits I usually bring my own.These are normally places that are packed with people during the summer.These are normally places that are packed with people during the summer.

Now, when the tourist season is over, most things therefore become available without having to be so expensive. In addition, congestion and queues remain as just a fading memory…

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