Secret gardens of Copenhagen

They are easy to reach but equally easy to miss

Visit some of the less known gardens and parks where the locals hide on warm summer days

You are probably familiar with the Botanical Garden at Østerbro. Fælledparken, Kongens Have and Kastellet are also familiar gardens to most Copenhageners and tourists. However, in this list you find a few not so well known parks where the locals hide in summertime.
All parks here can be visited freely without admission. And if you are looking for more free places to visit, look here.

Haveselskabets Have

Right at the main entrance to Fredriksberg’s gardens you will find this lush garden. Despite its central location, this is a quiet breathing space with many corners where you can hide and dream. You will find more info about this great park here.
Frederiksberg Runddel

A relaxed sunday afternoon in the sunny park

Landbohøjskolens Have

While in Frederiksberg, you must not miss visiting the Landbohøjskolens gardens. There are actually several different universities associated with the University of Copenhagen. The sea runs in a romantic style and you can experience all the different elements. So here you can wander around the forest while open green spaces are close at hand.
Grønnegårdsvej 15

This park is also great for a picnic


My personal favourite. This park has a very central location and still a lot of visitors miss this beautiful pearl. This park is so easy to reach and will offer you many beautiful views. The lake is the main theme and also all the sculptures makes this an exciting visit.
The park grew out of copenhagen’s old defense facilities.
Nørre Voldgade 1

Ørstedsparken is an almost painfully beautiful place for rest and reflection
And the not so green view in wintertime…

Det Kongelige Biblioteks Have

This centrally located park hides between Christiansborg Castle and Det Kgl. Library. So enjoy the silence and the greenery in the middle of the city.
That there has been water here in the past can be seen not least because of the mooring rings along the walls. In this secret park you will also find a sculpture of Søren Kierkegaard.
Proviantpassagen 1

A unique park that is easy to miss and exciting to visit
Traces from the time when ships docked here

The Opera park

The Opera Park was opened to the public on Friday, October 27, 2023. Opening hours are from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. every day. In the greenhouse there is also a cafe that is open during the park’s opening hours.
This will become a very popular and widely visited destination and then it must no longer be on this list!

The brand new park in early November


In fact, there is a small, exquisite park just behind the Glyptoteket. and at the same time as you enjoy the greenery together with high-quality sculptures, you can hear the shouts of joy from the Tivoli fairground!
Dantes Plads 7

On this side of the building there are some swastikas on the facade


In the absolute most central part of Copenhagen, by the town hall square, there is a small park that many people actually miss. It is the inner courtyard of the town hall itself that is in question. Here you can find peace and enjoy the greenery, at the same time as the commotion goes on at Tivoli next door.
In addition, the facade from inside the park is filled with strange sculptures and decorations to look at. In the center of the garden is a fountain with a sitting bear that catches the water jets in its mighty gape. The fountain has stood here since the garden was laid out at the same time as the town hall.

The entrance is along HC Andersens Boulevard. A small sign shows the way.
Open 9-16 during the summer (May to September).
H.C. Andersens Boulevard

Not in the picture, but there are benches and tables here

J.C. Jacobsen´s Garden

J. C. Jacobsen founded Carlsberg and this was originally his own garden. For many years this park was closed to the public and only accessible to Carlsberg employees. It was opened to all in 2009.
Carlsberg City

From other perspectives tall buildings can be seen around the park

Museum Garden

This centrally located garden was originally dedicated to patients from the surrounding hospital. The hospital was completed in 1757. Today it houses a design museum. There are avenues of lime trees here that are around 250 years old. You reach the park (for free) via the museum entrance.
Bredgade 68

You will also come across a number of sculptures here

Rose Garden

Although this garden is centrally located it can be difficult to find. And only a small sign outside the road gives a clue as to what lies behind the houses.
The park was originally a tram depot but was converted into a park in 1966. Indeed, all the roses found here are properly marked with signs. So enjoy ‘Ingrid Bergmann’ and others in this calm and relaxed place.
 Allegade 22C

Rhapsody In Blue at Rose Garden

Classens Have

A lesser known park whose name recalls a former adjacent facility. Here at Classens Have you can explore the remains of protective bunkers from Copenhagen’s violent past and seek shade under the chestnut trees on hot summer days. And when other parks can be almost overflowing with visitors during summertime, there is always room here.
The current park was laid out around 1920. And before the construction of the of the surrounding buildings, a cemetery was found where 23,000 victims of the plague epidemic around 1710 were buried.
Arendalsgade 2

Still springtime in the classens Have