So who am I?

And what this blog is really about

Hi, I always travel on a budget. That’s how I want it to be. I appreciate trips over longer periods of time and to stay out for at least a month or two makes me super aware of costs. And therefore I am constantly trying to find solutions that extend my journey. By learning from others I soon found out how to spend less and and in the same time extend my trip.

One of my mottos is Sharing is Caring. So what I learn during my travels I will present for you, for free, here on my peaceful blog.

This website is under constant development. Content, language as well as media will be updated when time permits. I only produce original material and I take all the photos myself.

(I will also activate comments further on so you will be able to join in with your own useful tips and experiences etc.)

First out is Copenhagen. I stay here for a longer period and add more info here almost every day. Enjoy!

I would recommend Copenhagen to anyone looking for a unique and enjoyable travel experience.

Mark Twain

If you ever come to copenhagen in the summer you will find me on the sunny side of the planetarium in the afternoon

See you out on the roads, Swedish traveler

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