Refshaleøen in 2024

The old shipyard environment transformed into a hip area

An almost dystopic place to love!

When the big company Burmeister & Wein left Refshaleøen in 1996, a large number of premises suddenly became vacant. Here, not far from the city, you can experience a completely different world. It’s hip, wild, trendy and creative.
And when it comes to food, there is Reffen, Scandinavia’s largest food street market. And together with the food, there will be a substantial selection of live music.

The wild and colorful streetfood market

Since the Reffen is a must visit, it’s smart to update yourself on what’s going on. So check out their website before you go there because it looks like there will be a lot of exciting activities ahead. There are some similarities to Christiania, but this is a different kind of animal.

Lazy summer days at Reffen. Open for the season from March 22

Some of the premises here at Refshaleøen are probably too expensive to heat during the winter, but when spring arrive, the place starts to come alive.
The summertime is something else because then a lot happens here. Also, Reffen, the very popular street food market is open from the end of March. And over at Halvandet they will be holding some serious bech parties during the summer. In fact, you can actually arrive at just Halvandet with your own boat! For more info.

Stairway to heaven, or at least to Skabelonloftet Venue rooms
The canal is right next door

Everything can have a function here on Refshaleøen. It’s just a matter of how to use the resources. Painted containers are visible everywhere and that makes the feeling of being close to the sea and the harbor even stronger.

An old plane outside Werkstatt event hall
The music festival Copenhell leaves its mark on Refshaleøen

Graffiti can be seen in several places. Often skillfully executed and with good ideas. Just wander around and you will discover things you like. Oh, At B&W Hallerne you will find a giant mural which can probably be seen from the moon.

A really huge artwork that impress
Some buildings here lend themselves well to graffiti

Copenhagen Contemporary

Copenhagen Contemporary is held in the former welding building. Here, installation art by both world-renowned and emerging artists is displayed. A lot of activities take place here and the range is impressive.
For more info, click here.
Refshalevej 173A

An exciting art museum that appears unassuming from the outside

The rocket workshop

A rocket factory run by amateurs? Yes, this unique activity is also on the Refshaleøen. And they have already done rocket launches on the water outside Copenhagen.
Want to learn more? Why not sign up for a workshop tour. More info here.
Refshalevej 183A

A retired space rocket rests just outside the workshop

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