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Cafes in Copenhagen you should not miss

A great cafe is never far away in this caffeine-addicted city

Cafes that give you an extra experience out of the ordinary

Scandinavia is one of the most coffee-drinking regions in the world. And that is reflected in the selection of exciting cafes. This city is full of them. So you rarely have to go far to find one that suits your taste. Here we have collected this year’s most interesting places for you to discover. Some are new and others have been around for a long time. Come back to this page often because exciting places are constantly being added here. Thanks to this list, you won’t miss places you really couldn’t miss while you are here!

The Laundromat Café

The Laundromat Cafe has a given place in our list. Here everything that a high-quality cafe means is mixed with the possibility of washing your clothes at the same time. You can also lend a book here or play some board games. Really a no brainer!
Århusgade 38

The Laundromat Café dressed for Christmas

Bastard Café

Interesting concept with coffee and board games. Play games like Junk Art, Triggs and Noggin, or choose from the other 5015 games available! If you are new to board games, you can hire your own guru to introduce you to the available games. This is a real classic among Copenhagen’s cafes and on the weekends it will often be crowded here. In addition, it is not far from Strøget. Please have a look at their website here.
Rådhusstræde 13, Huset KBH

You don’t have to play games here at Bastard cafe but you’ll want to when you see everyone who does

Paludan Bogcafé

A wonderful book store and café. It feels like visiting someone’s home and having something good to drink and eat in the living room. And even if you just had a cup of coffee somewhere else you should at least have a look at this cafe. And they offer a really great menu that will please most of us.
Fiolstræde 10

Paludan is wild, cosy and beautiful

Andersen & Maillard

Opened in 2018 with the ambition to create the best coffee experience in Copenhagen. And they seem to have succeeded well. Outside you can sometimes see queues forming where coffee drinkers wait to get in. Among the vast selection, some particularly delicious pastries are offered. Why not check out their website.
Nørrebrogade 62

Queuing can be a sign that you are doing something really well

Coffee Collective

Coffee Collective has been around for a long time. And no wonder about it. Their high-quality range awakens the coffee craving in all of us. They are in several places around the city but a favorite cafe is at Jægersborggade. Plan a visit and enjoy when the coffee is at its best.
Jægersborggade 57

They have been here for a long time and this cafe will be around forever

Sort Kaffe og Vinyl

In Vesterbro you will find a wonderful mix of classic cafe and vinyl records. And actually they go well together, not just for the color. So enjoy your black coffee and some old, possibly scratched, vinyl records. And if it’s your lucky day, you might find that particular record and buy it.
Skydebanegade 4

According to the owner, this is more of a record store than a cafe

The Log Lady

This is a cafe unlike any other. In fact, much here is taken from Twin peaks, not least the name Log Lady. For those of us who missed the series, we can still look forward to a very exciting environment. So try to catch this place.
Studiestræde 27

A unique cafe that most people find to be something completely special

Cafe Blå Time

An exciting art cafe where you can rest your eyes on everything exciting on the walls. Its location near Kungens Nytorv makes it easily accessible for most visitors.
Store Kongensgade 36

Inside, an exciting experience awaits. and I don’t just mean the great coffee

Bip Bip Bar

Not really a cafe, but Bip Bip Bar fits well in this list anyway. Because here you play old arcade games while ordering a Pac-Man drink! For details on various prepaid cards for the games and opening hours, see here.
Fælledvej 7

The feeling of old arcade games is indescribable


Fælledparken was established in 1906-1914, with the aim of securing a green area for the workers from Østerbro and Nørrebro. The pavilion was built in 1920.
From 1979 until today, it has been known as a music venue, cafe and restaurant. So in the middle of this oasis you can enjoy something good to eat and just enjoy yourself.
Open during the spring and summer season.
Edel Sauntes Alle 22

Closed for the season

Vinstue 90

This place can probably be called a bar, but since it is one of the classic places in the city, it can be included here among the cafes for so long.
Many stories can be told about the premises. And over the years many famous and unknown people have passed through the doors, and always treated just as well. If you’re going to order one of their famous slow beers, you’ll have to wait a while. Because it takes a decent amount of time before it can be drunk!
The interior is from the 20th century and the decorations on the walls are said to have been done by an old theater painter.

Check the opening hours on their website.
Gammel Kongevej 90

The only sound heard in here is exclusively from happy visitors!

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