Nordhavn: A new neighborhood is taking shape

Come to Nordhavn and feel the difference

Visit a calm and relaxed part of the city

Welcome to Nordhavn. Fewer cars and more footpaths make this a very relaxing part of Copenhagen. Yes, It is truly an experience to come here if you have just been to more vibrant parts of the town. Indeed, here the city planners have been able to realize their dreams and create a neighborhood for humans. However, If you are more interested in busy streets and older buildings, you have probably come to the wrong place. Because here almost everything is brand new and modern materials rule.

A pleasant mix of steel, glass and concrete is commonplace here in Nordhavn

Konditaget Lüders

The incomparable Konditaget Lüders can be found here. In fact, it’s actually a car garage with an impressive training facility on the roof. So a few very long stairs on the outside take you up to the roof. Here you also get access to a 60 meter sprint track on the roof. Even if you are not in the mood for exercise, this is an exciting place to visit and the view from here is outstanding. Opening hours are 7am-10pm every day and entry is free.
Helsinkigade 30

Konditaget Lüders
Descent in style from a height of 24 meters from Konditaget Lüders

Close to the water

Water is present in Nordhavn. So you don’t have to go far to take a dip in the blue sea. So if you want to eat at a beautifully located restaurant close to the water, there are great options all over.
However, this part of Copenhagen belongs to the more expensive areas and the rent level is probably not for everyone. Surely I can see myself living here in the future.

Marriott hotel
On the right, the Marriott hotel chain is building its latest project in Copenhagen

Paustian House

I will tell you about one of the few older buildings over here. And it is also a very special one, the Paustian House built in 1987. In fact, it was designed by the famous Danish architect Jørn Utzon, the man behind the Sydney Opera House. In fact, the inspiration for the design came to Utzon while he was walking through a forest of beech trees. Indeed The building is now protected as a historical monument. More information about the architect here.
Kalkbrænderiløbskaj 2

Paustian House
Experience important architecture in Nordhavn

The old crane

TheKrane is another interesting construction in Nordhavn. Because now the aging crane in the harbour is transformed into a fancy hotel with spectacular conference facilities. So if you are looking for an unusual experience this may be the right place. Visit their website for more information.
Kalkbrænderiløbskaj 10

The old crane
The harbor cranes are reminiscent of other times

The unique 3D printed house

In Nordhavn you can have a look at the first 3D printed house in Europe. Briefly, In the spring of 2017, the building was erected by huge printer. You can learn more about this event on this website.
Kattegatvej 2

3D printed house
Take a closer look at Europe´s first 3D printed house

Another giant in work

What more, one of the famous wooden giants can be found here on an undeveloped plot of land. He still learns to pull stubbornly on his boat. Oh, nice beard by the way.
You can read more about the other giants around Copenhagen here.
Kattegatvej 6

Wooden giant
One of the wodden giants hiding on a field

View of the harbor

An observation tower made from shipping containers? Yes it’s true. Thanks to this construction of pure steel you can overview both cruise ships and a large part of the water up to Copenhagen. It also looks like there is an elevator in the construction but if it’s accessible to everyone I’m not sure. The tower is quite remote but there are city buses right up to the front.

Beautiful views from this interesting construction

It´s very easy to get here. Just come by Metro or why not the Yellow harbour bus. The regular city buses work very well too. Furthermore, if you’re one of those who like to walk, it’s no more than a 40-minute walk from the city centre.
Oceankaj, Nordhavn

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