Nokken, a different part of Copenhagen

There are many of us who thrive in the not so orderly

At Nokken the unexpected can be expected

Around Copenhagen there are several exciting places to visit. Often it is about exciting lifestyles and buildings in unusual environments. And Nokken is just like that. Here the unexpected can be expected.

So how did it all start?

Harbor workers in the 1920s built fishermen’s and garden houses out of materials from the dump site on Amager Fælled. When both housing shortages and unemployment rose, more people joined and a small community emerged. Still in the 1960s, there was no such thing as rent or land tax here. Even in 1971, the last part of the old landfill was being filled.

You never know what’s waiting around the corner

And in comparison with Christiania?

When the newer parts of Copenhagen’s city feels a bit tight and rigid, Nokken is the complete opposite. Here, creativity, joy and imagination flow among the residents. The sense of freedom becomes palpable here.
Sure there are slight similarities with Christiania, but this is also quite different. However, the feeling of freedom unites the places.

Everyone helps to make the area something extra

At Nokken you are greeted by a relaxed style and the calm here means you quickly relax and discover many exciting details. So why not bring your own refreshments and settle down along the canal. Enjoy the view which is phenomenal while you think about whether you really are in Copenhagen.

The setting here looks like it was taken from some Jodorowsky movie

One can think about how long Nokken will be left alone. The area is centrally located with proximity to the sea. So surely land explorers have already set their sights on this interesting area. And just on the other side of the canal the new buildings line up…

The contrast between Nokken and modern Copenhagen is overwhelming

Finding your way here can be a bit tricky. If you follow Islands Brygge south all the way to the end, and walk a few more minutes and you will see the sign Nokken Strandvej. Continue until you see another Sejlstien sign. Follow it and you’ll soon be there. However, there are more ways to reach Nokken.
Nokken Strandvej

Nokken Strandvej
Easy peasy, just follow the signs and you will soon be in Nokken!

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