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Live scenes in Copenhagen that will surprise you

When it comes to music, the city with its great live scenes will not disappoint

Copenhagen offers a number of classical concert venues. And the fact that they remain after a long time shows that their high ambitions have paid off. Because here you can really take part in the most important things in the music scene in the city and abroad. So find the live scenes that match your taste and secure a great experience.

Hotel Cecil

This building has previously functioned as a hotel, a venue of the Royal Danish Theater, and most recently a popular hangout for jazz music. See the concert-lineup on their website.
Niels Hemmingsens Gade 10

hotel cecil
The place is just a stone’s throw from Strøget


Since 2011, three stages have offered most of the best. Subculture and mainstream, everything gathers under the same roof. Website.
Studiestræde 52

Just a five minute walk from Tivoli

Den Grå Hal (Grey Hall)

With its location in Christiania (more about Christiania here), this scene is of course somewhat different. The hall is actually an old riding house that used to be located at the current Glyptoteket. Several greats have performed here such as Bob Dylan, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Manic Street Preachers.
See their program right here: Website.
Refshalevej 2

Not so gray any longer


Another interesting scene in Christiania is Loppen. They also offer really exciting musical experiences.
Sydområdet 4B

Don’t judge the venue by its exterior


Pay attention to Montmartre, Copenhagen’s legendary jazz club, which is located in the same premises where musicians such as Ben Webster, Stan Getz and Dexter Gordon played their cards in the 1960s. Website.
Store Regnegade 19A

Montmartre is easy to find in central Copenhagen


This scene is the dominant one in the Vesterbro area. And its range of concerts is quite impressive too! So if you only have time for one concert visit in the city, this could be the place! Take a look at their Website and you’ll find something you like!
Enghavevej 40

This is perhaps not Copenhagen’s most interesting facade, but the inside is something else


In the Nørrebro area you will find the event house Rust. They have been offering concerts and nightclubs here since 1990. The artists are both local and international. Website.
Guldbergsgade 8

Don’t miss Rust’s own 70s bar, Conga!

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