Not so well known facts of the month: What did Lenin do in Copenhagen?

Yes, what was Vladimir actually doing here?!

After the failed revolution in 1905, Vladimir Lenin, like some other prominent Russian revolutionaries, lived in several cities in Central and Western Europe.
The first visit to Denmark was in 1907, where the Russian Social Democracy planned to hold an exile congress in Copenhagen. Consequently the repression in Russia was too severe for a congress to be held there. However, the Russian government put pressure on the Danish government to have it thwarted. And even before the congress could start, all participants were expelled from Denmark with twelve hours notice!
The second visit was of slightly longer duration, as Lenin visited Copenhagen from August 26 to October 27, 1910. This time he lived in the back house over at Vesterbrogade 112. He participated in the second international 8th congress, which took place in the Odd Fellow Palace from August 28 to September 3, 1910. Among other Russian revolutionaries at the congress can be mentioned: Plekhanov, Zinoviev, Kamenev and Trotsky.
(In case you need to improve your knowledge of Lenin.)

Now that we’re talking about famous people, I like to suggest the writer Mark Twain’s relationship to Danish food.

Vesterbrogade 112

The plaque is inside a locked backyard so it can be difficult to reach it

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