Kødbyen, the hip Meatpacking district

The former meat packing district is transformed into a hip and cool area

Copenhagens former meatpacking district take shape

The former meat district, Kødbyen, is nowdays a hip area crammed with restaurants, cafés and shops. Also you find creative companies like studios and architecture firms here.
It´s very easy to get here. I just took a healthy 10 minute walk from Hovedbangården and ended up right in the middle of Kødbyen.
You will explore three different areas here, the white, brown and gray. Moreover, The white area was designed according to the Nordic functionalism.

Signs from the past are suddenly so hip

At Kødbyen older buildings are carefully renovated while brand new ones are planned. However this is still pioneer grounds and the wild and unexpected will surprise you.

Still an area under development

I found several really good places to eat here. However some you have to discover yourself. High quality and creative flair rules, and everyone quickly finds their favorite place.

Over at popular Mother you will discover great sourdough pizzas baked in a real wood-fired oven. They are really delicious and I can highly recommend them.
Prepare yourself at their appetizing website.
Høkerboderne 9-15

It´s all about great pizza

Furthermore, do not miss the ever popular Islandic Tommi’s Burger Joint in the white area. Tt can sometimes be difficult to get a seat here, but in summer there are also tables outside. Tommi also has a burger joint in Nørrebro and in some other European cities.
Høkerboderne 21-23

Burger Joint
The ever popular Islandic Tommi’s Burger Joint in the white area

Fotografisk Center is an art gallery with a focus on Danish and international art photography and other camera-based media. In fact, they produces approx. five exhibitions a year. Finally, you find them in the brown area. Also, you can also have a look at their very informative website.
Staldgade 16

Fotografisk center
Fotografisk Center in the brown area

Popular Warpigs in the white area is a mix between Texas barbeque and Danish-American brewing culture. Consequently they offer a large selection of the best in beer and associated food.
Flæsketorvet 25-37

You can always get 20 something draft beer. Brewed in house

Don’t miss to visit top rated Prolog. Because this is coffee at its very best. So enjoy the knowledge and experience found here, and immerse yourself in all the mysteries of the remakable coffee bean.
Høkerboderne 16

Connoisseurs and the rest of us meet here to celebrate the coffee bean

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