Food for cheap in Copenhagen: A how-to guide

This year food prices have skyrocketed, and so also in Copenhagen

Is it really possible to eat here for a small sum? Read on.

We all get hungry and this is very true in Copenhagen too. A day in this bustling city will for sure make you look for some treats. However when it’s time to eat it can affect your budget drastically. Sad to say, this beautiful town is also a quite expensive place. As a traveler you’re sometimes on a limited budget, but do not despair! Here I will tell you how to get some great food for next to nothing.

Good food is thrown away during the day and there are many reasons for this. It could be left after lunchtime ending or maybe bread that hasn’t been sold it time.
So how can we get our hands on this for little money?

First, download the app “Too good to go” (for Android and iPhone). Fire it up and take care of the settings. Now you are good to go. In fact, his smart app works very well here in Copenhagen so you will not stay hungry for long. Just browse the menu and make sure the pick-up location it’s not too far away. Finally, pay by card in the app.
Now it´s time to keep track of your pick-up time. Some pick-up points are open for a very limited time. And remember to bring your phone and validate your purchase in place. Done!

On some rare occasion, you may find that there is no food to pick up. If this happens, you simply get your money back in the app.

(Keep in mind that the prices shown here can change quickly. Therefore, they should only be seen as an indication of what it might cost.)

För 29 Danish crowns you easily get food enough for the whole day.

Swedish traveler

So what can you get for your bucks? Let’s have a look

For 29 Danish crowns you can easily get enough food for the whole day. But remember that the assortment and amount changes from day to day so be flexible and enjoy what you get.

Get a great brunch at a hotel for only 29 Dkr. A personal favorite!

Here I pick the food straight from the tasty buffé at Scandic Spectrum. Most places provide you with a box (often made of recycled paper). Bread like buns I usually put in my pocket to save some space. This time I brought the food to my nearby hostel and had a great breakfast and later lunch. Cheap and delicious.

Another delicious and cheap brunch for 29 Dkr

When you buy bread and cakes you often get a filled bag at the counter. Sometimes you fill the bag (or bags!) yourself. However, even if it is possible to grab everything left, I usually never do so as this kind of food must be consumed relatively immediately.

Bread and cakes
I got it all for only 19 Dkr

Some places will mix bread and sweet cakes. Others offer pastry and a few focus on healthy bread only. Always check the info in the app carefully so you know for sure what you ordered.

Bread and cakes
Great mix of Danish pastry and healthy bread for 39 Dkr

Sometimes you get far more bread and cakes than you can eat. What problem huh? Then I simply share the purchase with friends.

Bread and cakes
Wow, more than you can eat for only 19 Dkr

Last night I tried a new restaurant and got a great meal that would be OK for at least two persons. I also got some great bread (not in the picture). All for 29 Dkr.

Vegetarian meal
A great vegetarian meal with a lot of tasty food

Catch bargain prices in supermarkets

You will also find most supermarkets expensive. Huh. But if you make your purchases in the afternoon and evening, the price of a lot of goods is usually reduced. And quite substantial as well.
And remember to always ask for a receipt! Very often it happens that you have to pay full price for discounted goods. Feel free to take a photo with your mobile phone of the price tag so you can show the person at the checkout. The Netto retail chain is one of the worst offenders when it comes to this.

A low-cost quick lunch: Bread, chicken and noodle salad, in a park
Pasta, chicken and red pesto for 20 dkk

And what about fællesspisning?

Another way to get a decent meal for small money is the Danish phenomenon “Fællesspisning”. In fact, it’s not that unique. You pre-order during the day and in the evening enjoy the meal together with folks from all over. And yes, this is also a great way to met locals. Indeed, often the food is prepared by pro’s and really healthy. Just remember to book as early as you can because this is very popular! Hence a good start for fællesspisning is peoples house Absalon. Also, on the first Wednesday of the month, Grøndal’s Spisehus (Grøndal MultiCenter, Hvidkildevej 64) offers communal dining.


but if you really want to treat yourself to a visit to a French restaurant during your visit to Copenhagen. Yes, then the Copenhageners’ new favorite place applies.
At Bouillon you can eat and drink for relatively little money. As an example, the most expensive of the dishes costs only Dkr 124! However, it’s a popular place so book a table online.
Solbjergvej 3

French restaurant
French low-cost luxury for everyone

At Copenhagen Airport

Copenhagen Airport is no exception. Everything here is just unreasonably expensive. The smallest thing to eat or drink costs a fortune, and being forced to pay too much usually doesn’t feel so good. So what do you do?
Yes, there is actually a budget solution here! For just a few minutes’ walk from the main entrance, there is a namely a low-price Netto food store! (You will also find McDonalds next door.)

Copenhagen Airport
You can easily walk to better prices

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