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Streets of Copenhagen

Favorite streets of Copenhagen 2024

You will find your own favorite streets in the city, but feel free to use my tips as a start

Sometimes you stumble across a street you feel extra special about

You know that feeling when you arrive at a new place and it feels a little extra good? Maybe it’s the location, or the range of restaurants. Or it is not really possible to explain what is so special. I have accidentally come across some favorite streets in Copenhagen that I think stand out. Here you can take part in some of them.


Strædet is Strøgets lesser known cousin. Here, the shops are smaller and more personal. Moreover, it is not so crowded with people. There are also more galleries, antique shops, restaurants and coffeehouses here.
The street stretches from Regnbuepladsen (next to the City Hall) to Højbro Plads.
In fact, the official street names are Læderstræde, Kompagnistræde and Farvergade. Just Farvergade had an infamous reputation for prostitution until this activity was prohibited in the street in 1884.
Strædet is also close to many interesting sights.

It is more relaxed here and not so crowded


A few years ago Jægersborggade was best known for its bullet holes, drug dealing and gang wars. Now it´s all about quality, creativity and being trendy. And it´s all done very well. Because here you find so much to enjoy and get inspiration from. Just take a walk here and be overwhelmed by the range of goods and services.
Moreover, most shops here are quite small so you can easily get in touch with any employee and learn more about what they offer. Maybe not the right moment but please have a look at other design shops all over Copenhagen.
Among my favorite streets, this is probably the one I appreciate the most right now.

Probably the most creative street in Copenhagen


Rørholmsgade is an unexpected street with artists everywhere. Because this is a creative hot spot and an excellent place to just stroll around, knock on the doors of interesting studios, and talk to the artists.
The art street was founded in 1994 and today there are 25 individual artists on site.
I’m not quite sure how the opening hours work here. On my visits to Rørholmsgade there are always some studios with activity. So check out their joint website for different arrangements and opening hours. By the way, here is another of my posts about cool art in Copenhagen.

The Lakes at the end of the street

Mikkel Bryggers Gade

This street is centrally located just close to Rådhuspladsen and connects to the Strøget. Here, everything is a little extra cozy and restaurants and bars are close by. The old cinema Gloria is in the middle of the street here and you can watch quality films all week.

Mikkel Bryggers Gade
A bettter picture of the street will added soon


Between Gamle Kongevej and Fredriksberg Allé you will find this pleasant street. The atmosphere feels relaxed, the businesses that exist along the street seem to have a good cooperation. There are plenty of options for food and drink here.
Another top choise among my favorite streets.

A favorite street in the hip Vesterbro area


Nørrebrogade is an intense street with elements from all over the world. This is one of the important streets you should visit in Copenhagen. But the adjacent Blågårdsgade is just great too. Partly it is a pedestrian street and partly there is a large selection of interesting shops and eateries. Nothing is so remarkable here, but still that nice feeling comes through.
This street was also a recurring location during the production of the TV series “The Bridge”.

The street may not look so remarkable in winter, but in summer it is a real oasis

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