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Action sports 2024: Your guide to the wild adventure

Some just don't want to take it easy when they are off

Get ready for some really wild activities

Copenhagen is not just pastry, hygge and red and white flags. The Danes enjoy action sports and outdoor life like few others, and you will see people in physical activity pretty much everywhere.
Some of the activities are free with others offering different price levels. Access can also vary, so check before you go.
So get ready for some really wild activities that will raise your pulse and make you scream!


Copenhill is the spot for outdoor skiing year around. An spectacular artificial slope with artificial snow on a huge power plant! Sounds crazy? it is! Here you also find a climbing wall (also artificial) that will take you (or at least some brave people) high up in the sky. In fact, this is one of the tallest man made climbing walls in europe!
Vindmøllevej 6

Copenhill south face
You can also reach the top with an elevator

CPP Copenhagen Cable Park

Open from April to October this all water park takes you (and your wakeboard) for a fast ride in the harbor. Just grab a wire and off you go. However If you are new to wake boarding you better join a course and learn the safe way. If you´re already into this sport all equipment can be rented at the nearby café.
CPP is located quite close to Copenhill so you can easily visit both of them in the same day, If you have enough strength for it.
Kraftværksvej 24

Copenhagen Cable park
Rise and fall at CPP

GoMonkey climbing park

In and around Copenhagen you find a few parks where all the fun happens up in the high trees. Connected to some safety equipment you challenges your sense of balance and fear of scary heights.
Open between Mars and November.
Søndermarken (quite close to the Zoo).

The easy part of the park

Fælledparken Skatepark

A complete outdoor skate park with a great half pipe and bowl. Open 24 hours a day and always free entry.
Edel Sauntes Allé 3

Fælledparken Skatepark
A great place for all and with free entrance
Fælledparken Skatepark
The park from a different perspective

BanAnnas Park

A spectacular 14 m wall climbing portal. This is also cool community park with lots of graffiti.
Nannasgade 4, Nørrebro

BanAnnas Park
The entrance to the park consists of a substantial overhang

CPH Skate Park

An indoor skatepark themed for street. More rails than ramps. For 50 Dkr a day you can enjoy this very well maintained place. Visit their web site for more info.
Enghavevej 80

CPH Skate Park
Here you also find a café if you need to get some rest


Over at Nordhavn you find this huge action packed place. In fact the largest one in the Nordic countries. And among the activities you will find, for example, a trampoline park, a parkour park and a climbing park. Check out their website.
Kattegatvej 4

A temple of action sports

Refshaleøen Skatepark

A nice 300 sqm outdoor skatepark. The facility is of the street type and quite simple in construction. The location is impressive with the sea a few meters away, and a large street food market next door.
Refshalevej 169

Refshaleøen Skatepark
Street style at the sea

Urban Ranger Camp

When B&W left its gigantic premises on Refsehaleøen, it was given the opportunity for completely new activities. So now you can climb right under the roof and come up with a lot of adrenaline-pumping activities! And all in a safe way. This is action sports at its best!
More information is available on their website.
Refshalevej 177

Urban Ranger Camp
It looks wild from the outside and is even wilder on the inside


The danish climbing club Dansk Bjerg- og Klatreklub has its own indoor climbing course, Blocks&Walls. Here there are many opportunities for varied climbing, both with and without ropes.
Refshalevej 163D

There are also opportunities for outdoor climbing right next door

Under broen

A DIY skateboard park in a run-down area. It was built (by a pro) illegally under a bridge. Really interesting place. Open every day.
Tagensvej 143

Under Broen
A large staircase from the road leads down to the skate park

Hullet, The Hole

Another enthusiastically built skateboard park. It seems no longer maintained so be careful. its future looks uncertain and houses will probably be built on the land.
Lyngbyvej 97

The day I went to Hullet it started to snow

The world’s longest skateboard park

In Høje Taastrup there is actually the world’s longest skateboard park! I don’t want to comment on whether the length is important or not, but the course looks really good.
Just find your way to the mall City 2 (more info about City 2 here). Here the track starts and then goes in the direction of the railway station. The facility also has a function as a rainwater collector.
Høje Taastrup

The world's longest skateboard park
A long course and surprisingly few who use it

The church tower climbing wall

In the Sydhavn you will find this remarkable climbing wall. And yes, it is a genuine church tower! The church here is responsible for the activities and organizes various events around climbing. The height is approximately 16 meters and the area 144 square meters.
Louis Pios Gade 8

The church tower climbing wall
Dont miss a unique chance to climb a real chruch

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