Church of Our Savior

Church of Our Savior: Not so well known facts of the month

Jules and the terrifying church tower

An exciting church with an unexpected history

This is one of the country’s most beautiful Baroque churches but bears the imprint of various historical periods. Originally, the church of Our Savior was constructed by King Valdemar the Victorious. Construction began around 1225 and lasted approximately 30 years.

So what about Jules Verne and the Church of Our Savior?

This unique Church in Christianshavn appears in a chapter of Jules Verne’s ´A Journey to the Center of the Earth. The character Axel is made to climb the winding spire for five consecutive days by his uncle to cure him of his Acrophobia before their descent into the volcano…
Already on a visit to Copenhagen in 1861, Jules Verne had personally seen the church. And in 1881, Jules and his brother Paul visited the church, but only Paul dared to climb the tower.
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Skt. Annæ Gade 29, Christianshavn

Church of Our Savior
The majestic Church of Our Savior with its unique tower

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