Christmas in wonderful Copenhagen

Over here Christmas is celebrated with millions of lights and lots of hygge

Taste the city in the winter darkness

Copenhagen promotes itself as a Christmas town. And as the town is still far from the North pole they catch the feeling of the wonderful season very well. Sad to say, some people prefer to travel during the summer and miss this exciting feast of hygge and lights. So this post is for all of you sun seekers who avoid Scandinavia during the dark and cold winter. Of course, there are more Christmas activities going on than shown here. And then it is usually shorter arrangements over a weekend or so.


Along Strøget you will find some atmospheric Christmas markets. And they offers plenty of everything related to just Christmas. You shouldn’t miss them.
Højbro Pl. and Nytorv

A late Sunday afternoon at Højbro Plads
Julemarked Strøget
HC. Andersens Christmas market at Nytorv


Tivoli does not save on lights either. Because the park really lits up in all it’s beauty. So this is an absolute must see if you come here during Christmas. After all, the creative people behind Tivoli really know how to create a fantastic atmosphere.
A fun little detail: Even the traffic lights went Christmas red just when I took this photo.
More info about Tivoli here.
Vesterbrogade 3

Tivoli dressed up for the season
All the colorful Christmas lights get even more impressive after sunset


At Christmas time Nyhavn transforms into a long market full of bright lights. This time of the year it is not that easy to spot the popular colored facades, but the lights of Christmas make up for this. Some warming drinks are also offered here.

Lights all over in picturesque Nyhavn

Kongens Nytorv

Away at this popular square you can enjoy everything related to Christmas. So plenty of seasonal food to taste here. Indeed, the traditional Christmas candy is sold everywhere. Some stronger drinks are also served here, which warms up nicely when the cold bites. Nyhavn is right next door so it’s a perfect next destination.

Kongens Nytorv
Christmas treats as far as the eye can see
Kongens Nytorv
Even more sparkling Christmas lights among the stalls
Hotel D'Angleterre
This season, luxurious Hotel D’Angleterre, the white lady, offer a lavish Christmas decoration
Classic Magasin du Nord offer a brilliant facade

Christiania Christmas market

Yes, of course, Christiania has its own Christmas market in December. And it has actually been around since the 70s! Here there is a lot to experience and also the very unexpected, as it should be here. Not to be missed!
Christianina is also on my top list of free activities in Copenhagen.
Den Grå Hal

Christiania Christmas market
Here you find a well-attended Christmas fair with vendors closely packed

Zoologisk Have (Zoo)

Now Zoo is back with a Christmas atmosphere and Christmas market. And in the area there will be, among other things, 900 Christmas trees deployed!
Usually from November to January, you can enjoy Christmas a little extra over at Zoo.
Roskildevej 32

Zoologisk Have
The tower at Zoo with thousands of Christmas lights

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