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Swimming in central Copenhagen: Top 11 places

In this city, the weather or season is no excuse not to swim

Is it really possible to bathe in the middle of the city? Yes! Read on.

In this lovely town people go for a swim all year around. No weather is to bad for a dip in the canal, and swimwear sometimes appears to be optional. The amount of places to bath is huge with several nice places scattered along the canal.
During the summer, there can be quite a bit of space for all the bathers and sun worshippers. But then it is often good to find a quieter place not too far away.

Swimming at Kalvebod brygge

Here you walk out over the canal on a beautifully executed construction of steel and concrete. In fact, It´s an attraction by itself. And be prepared, in summertime you will not be alone here because this is also a popular spot for open air parties. So Bring a bag of cold beer and a big smile! Some background info here.
Kalvebod Brygge 5

Wonderful views over the canal at Kalvebod brygge

Amager Beach

A real, sandy beach to be found in the southern part of the town. Furthermore it is very trendy here in the summertime and many people come here on a warm summer day. This is also a recreational area with various activities like kite surfing and canoeing. Also, this is the largest beach in Copenhagen.
Amager Strandvej 110

Might be empty now but in summertime it will be crowded

Fisketorvet Havnebad

Another favorite just close to the shopping mall Fisketorvet. This is one of the best options if you want the safety of life guards (during summer) and an easy entry to the clear, inviting water. This is a perfect place for swimming. Free admission.
Kalvebod Brygge 55

A pool in the pool at Fisketorvet

Havnebadet Islands Brygge

Serving the Copenhageners since 20 years this is still a hugely popular place. And during the winter you can find some mobile sauna´s that will heat you up after a chilly dip.
Islands Brygge 14

Happy people enjoy Havnebadet since 20 years

A quick dip in Nyhavn

A small pool offers anybody to have a quick dip in the cooling canal. And it´s safe too, no boat will run you over here.
Located at the end of Nyhavn, along the canal

Small and safe

The Kissing Stairs

Crowds of mostly younger people gather here to enjoy a warm day under the sun. So be prepared for some loud music and heavy beer consumption. Surely this is for the party people!
Sankt Annæ Plads

Cool vibes at the Kissing Stairs

Svanemølle Beach

A small, man-made, sandy city beach in the Österbro Nord area. Here you find facilities such as changing rooms, a café and toilets. Also a 130 meter long wooden pier provides many opportunities for serious sunbathing.
Østerbro Nord, Strandpromenaden

Here it is packed with people on a hot summer day

Ofelia Beach

If you think of a beach, you probably expect sand. But here it is wooden planks instead and everything slopes down towards the water. After all, this is a great place on a hot summer day. So take a swim, have a beer and enjoy the fantastic view.

A rainy day at ofelia beach

Christiania Strand Park

This is a very small but pleasant sandy beach. It is right next to the road so it is impossible to miss, despite its limited size. Therefore I’m guessing it’s pretty packed on hot summer days. The beach is located in Christiania as the name suggests. More info about freetown Christiania here.

Imagine swimming in the blue water on a hot summer day


Yep, this is a lagoon with, an almost, real sandy beach. Everything here is man-made but in a really neat way. Therefore I am also quite sure that this will be well attended when the weather is right. Also Restaurants and cafes can be found along the beach and other amenities are nearby. Another good place for swimming.
Vilhelms Buhls Gade

It is hard to see the sand from a distance but it is there

Havnebadet Sluseholmen

In Sydhavn you can enjoy several different pools. Because at this floating swimming facility, you are never far from water. There are also public toilets here.
Ben Websters Vej 69

Here you get exciting views and safe bathing opportunities

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