Bars and pubs to explore in Copenhagen 2024

Something extra good to drink in an exciting place makes the day complete

Creativity flows when it comes to exciting and interesting bars and pubs in Copenhagen. Some you almost trip over while others require some patience to reach. And they all try to outdo each other with imaginative offerings and unexpected environments. So go on a journey of discovery and find just your favorite place to enjoy. More places will be added to the list as I find them, Skål!
By the way, if you are more into cafes, check here.

Blip Blip Bar

Is it a good idea to combine drinks with retro video games? Yes, at Bip Bip Bar it works great. Play some classics in the basement, then relax upstairs. Why not try a pacman drink? The opening hours are somewhat limited so check their website before rushing there with your pockets full of coins! (Well, you use the bar’s own cards when you pay for the games.)
Fælledvej 7

Time Crisis 2 awaits you in the cellar


Just like during prohibition in the USA, you can experience a secret bar, but this time on Vesterbrogade. And to get in, you have to think a little, because here there is only one big leathery bookcase! Yes, could it be that there is a book that needs to be pushed in or pulled out? This is a fun place you shouldn’t miss.
Vesterbrogade 20

Through the glass you will only see a solid bookshelf

Vinstue 90

Still going strong since 1916. Many stories can be told about the premises and over the years many famous and unknown people have passed through the doors, and always treated just as well. If you’re going to order one of their famous slow beers, you’ll have to wait a while. Because it takes a decent amount of time before it can be drunk!
The interior is from the 20th century and the decorations on the walls are said to have been done by an old theater painter who could not pay for his consumption.

Check the opening hours on their website.
Gammel Kongevej 90

Order a regular beer while you wait for your slow beer


This is a very popular place despite being relatively anonymous. Here, among other things, there is a very nice selection of beers to enjoy. The venue consists of a very old basement and the decor is relaxed and unpretentious.
Sankt Peders Stræde 31

There is no sign here, so keep an eye out

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