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BaneGaarden, an oasis in the city

Here it almost feels like a distant wild west town

A coming cultural and ecological project in the city

Banegaarden consists of old buildings from 1909 that once belonged to the state railway company. Despite it´s central location it is a not so well known area of ​​Copenhagen. They opened in August 2020.
Here at Banegaarden wild ideas grow and projects sprout. So what we see now is probably just a foretaste of what is to come. And The people behind this project are creative like few.
so what is this place about? Well, Should you get hungry during your visit here several restaurants offer culinary experiences. For children there is also a nice playground with some real animals.

Here it almost feels like a distant wild west town
Here it almost feels like a distant wild west town

The environment feels exciting and different. The old houses have been carefully prepared and the atmosphere still feels genuine and authentic. And the silence here is surprisingly calming, even though we are in the middle of the vibrant city.

Inside the entrance you find yourself in a new world

BaneGaarden is also quite close to Kineserbyen so you can easily visit them both at the same time.
To get the latest info aboout what’s going on here, check out their website. You can easily reach the area on foot or by bike via the tunnel from Enghavevej.
Otto Busses Vej 45a

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