Art-in-hagen: My Top public art picks 2024

Find your way to great art all over the city

Accessible art for the rest of us

There is plenty of cool art in Copenhagen. However, I’m not much for studying individual paintings in depth in a quiet museum. Therefore, I prefer interesting art and statues that are out in the city. So here are some of my mixed finds. And all can of course be viewed free of charge. More to come shortly.

Banksy in Copenhagen

Ever heard of Banksy? Well, Banksy is the Bristol-born and still anonymous graffiti artist and painter known for challenging the boundaries of the art world and whose work has caused stir and headlines for years.
My first stop for a Banksy is Gammel Kongevej and a rat with a parachute. At this location someone has been kind enough to mount a glass in front of the work as protection. The Banksy at H. C. Ørsteds Vej is sad to say gone now.
Gammel Kongevej 87

The artwork begins to fade after years along a busy street
Banksy at H. C. Ørsteds Vej (This one is now gone.)

Reliefs by the street Lygten

Only in Copenhagen can you find angels who smoke. Therefore a child who both smokes and drinks does not surprise me that much. This relief is placed just above the entrance to a residential building.
Lygten 65

The other reliefs here also have unexpected motifs

The wall painting next to Forum

Here is a simple and striking wall painting with lots of color next to Forum exhibition hall.
Julius Thomsens Plats 1

Can you get the QR-code to work?

The raven at Klareboderne

Around the corner from the popular pedestrian street Købmagergade you will see a large black raven. so the first thing you might wonder is what it’s doing there. Because, this cool raven was erected back in 1945 and is the work of the artist Henrik Starcke (1899-1973).

The raven is placed on a ledge approximately 3 meters above the ground

Obey Giant

This peace-like mural did not turn out as peaceful as everyone had hoped.
A youth center was demolished and this work of art was created instead. Since then, the lower reachable part of the work has changed shape several times.
Jagtvej 69

Obey Giant
The not so peaceful dove

Agnete and the mermen statue

Not so easy to spot on a sunny day but just beneath the surface a family is waiting for Agnete to return to the sea. In fact, Agnete og Havmanden is an old Danish folk song.
Højbro Plads

Agnete will probably never come back

The mural at Tullinsgade

Looking for a really massive mural? Then have a look at this one made by Conor Harrington back in 2015. In fact, the colors are still very striking and and the motif vivid. This is an Art-in-hagen favourite!
Tullinsgade 7

A mural with solid surface with a striking motif

ROA and the rats

Another great mural from 2015. ROA is a graffiti and street artist from Ghent, Belgium. He has created works on the streets all over the world. ROA generally paints wild or urban animals native to the area being painted.
Gasværksvej 23

ROA and the rats
Huge playful rats all over the facade


An abandoned candy factory turned into a wild, creative inferno. And what distinguishes this place is that most of the wall surfaces are decorated with some really good graffiti.
How long the area will have to look like this is probably uncertain. Demolition work appears to be already underway.

Walk down the street and you will soon find the entrance to the area

The balloons at the Metro station

They are not that easy to spot if you don’t know about them. But high up on the inner ceiling hang a number of colorful balloons.
The artwork was completed in 2020 and was created by Jeppe Hein.
Kongens Nytorv metrostation

Metro station
The balloons give a sense of playfulness and freedom

Dante in dialogue with th 21st century

This, to say the least, startling work is a tribute to the poet Dante Alighieri and a protest against the plans to build a parking garage on the site.
Dantes Plads

This place is opposite the main entrance of the Glyptotek

Asger Jorn’s day job in Nyhavn

This is a bit of fun. The famous Danish artist Asger Jorn visited the restaurant here and had a few beers. But when it was time to pay, it became more difficult. As you know, some artists lack funds. But this time he took the brush and painted the snake behind the neon sign!
Nyhavn 25

Assger jorn
Asker Jorn lived between 1914-1973 and is represented in the major art museums

Balance of Time

A large, strange metal ball at the top of the roof, which also moves? Yes, that’s right. Artist Jeppe Hein created this ball, which has a diameter of 7,87 feet.
The artwork is about how to find balance in time and in our lives.
Frederiksberg Allé

balance of time
The weight of the ball is about 1,540 pounds


HuskMitNavn is a well-known Danish artist born in 1975 who lives and works in Copenhagen.

Here, HuskMitNavn has executed a mural next to Central, which is called the world’s smallest hotel

Reflections in Common

This installation of glass was previously on Kongens Nytorv. Now it can be found right next to Gruntvig’s church. And yes, everything is about glass here, so when the sun shines there are serious reflections in the surroundings.
At the entrance to Bispebjerg Cemetery

You can see Gruntvig’s church on the right on the other side of the road


It won’t be long before you see your first Spyo in Copenhagen. So who is this street performer whose Spyo pops up where you least expect it? Is it about an anarchist who lives life outside the boundaries of society? Probably.

Here Spyo is effectively inserted into the advertisement

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