Alternative ways to cross the bridge to Malmö: Tips and tricks

How to travel the cheapest way to Sweden

How to get to Malmö on a budget

Lots of people visiting Copenhagen chooses to go by train to Malmö. It´s easy and lots of departures every day from central locations. However it is not the most economical way to pass the famous bridge to Sweden. And if you want to enjoy the beautiful sights of the Öresund on your crossing a ride by bus can be a better alternative.

Probably the fastest way over the bridge

What are the alternatives to cross the bridge?

The bus line 999 from Hovedbanegården (Central station) no longer runs due to the covid pandemic, and the line will probably not be restarted.

So we have Flixbus, and here you can make a great deal if you find a departure that fit your needs. In fact, As low as about 50 dkr for a crossing is possible, and you can also continue north to Helsingborg (or why not Gothenburg) on a budget. Moreover, Flixbus bus stop is located at Ingerslevsgade behind the central station. Come in good time because it can be a bit tricky to spot the bus. Find more information here.

Another company, Bus4you, offers a number of departures between Malmö (Norra Vallgatan, location K) and Copenhagen (Ingerslevsgade). The price for a one-way ticket is SEK 129. Check out their website at

Get across for free by hitchhiking

According to the experts: The best spot to hitchhike to Sweden is probably at Kastrup Airport. So take the metro to the station Lufthavnen / Copenhagen Airport, leave the terminal on the other side of the metro exit to the large parking lot and then go to the roundabout at the end, next to McDonalds/Netto/Statoil. Just after the roundabout there is a bus stop were the cars are able stop, which makes it a good place to hitchhike from.

By the way, it is not allowed to walk or cycle across the bridge.

Traveling by water to Sweden is perhaps a more stylish way. Helsingør-Helsingborg is served by one of the world’s largest electric ferries

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